What Is Factoring?

Factoring is a financial transaction whereby your company sells its accounts receivables in exchange for immediate liquidity.

Unlike traditional bank loans, factoring is based on the credit capacity of its customers, allowing your business to grow at the rate of its sales and not the financial capacity of its company.

Our Product

Star Fund offers factoring programs for US companies with domestic and international sales and for export companies anywhere in the world billing in US dollars.

Our product is dynamic and aims to offer the liquidity and security required by growing companies. No other financial tool can generate more timely liquidity than factoring.

Why Come To Star Fund

  • High growth opportunity

  • Your sales are growing faster than your cash flow
  • Bank credit lines exceeded
  • Companies with negative cash flow
  • Declined or slow bank loans
  • Limited supplier financing
  • Young companies looking to accelerate their cash flow
  • Clients with extended paying terms
  • Seasonal business
  • IRS Tax Liens with payment plans in place
  • High sales concentration with few customers


Seafood – Oil & Gas – Hardware & Construction Supplies – Furniture – Distributors & Wholesalers
Transportation – Apparel – Staffing – Aviation – Flowers
Manufacturing – Dry & Frozen Foods – Automotive Supply – Electronics – Produce