StarFund is a non conforming commercial real estate lender

Our asset-based mortgage programs are specifically designed for independent real estate investors and small business owners who often don’t qualify for traditional bank loans, including W-2 employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, and small business owners.


Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Funded

Secure & Protected

Your data is safe with StarFund. We do not share or miss-use your personal data in any way.

Fast approval

Our approval turn around time surpasses industry standards for comparable programs.

Superior service

Our agents go above and beyond to provide you with all the tools and support necessary for success.

Expand your horizons with the help of a StarFund loan

We have many programs to find your solution


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These values give us the foundation we need


These values give us the foundation we need


These values give us the foundation we need


These values give us the foundation we need


What our Costumers say

“I sleep easier knowing the StarFund team is in my corner. Supporting my business funding needs.”

Jose P. Calderon

“StarFund is always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our Company”

Samantha Benington

“StarFund gave our company the help we needed to compete by increasing our cash flow and purchasing power.”

Adrian Pino

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