ARV = After-Repair-Value | LTC = Loan-To-Cost | LTV = Loan-To-Value

Experience = # of properties sold in last 36 months and/or non-owner occupied rentals (owner-occupied excluded)
Rehab Only: minimum As-is-Value = $75K; No Rehab: minimum loan amount = $100K
Maximum loan amount: $4 million
Realtor License = 1 Experience; General Contractor License = 1 Experience
0-2 Experience: Rehab Budget Amount cannot exceed 50% of As-is-Value
90% cap on LTC, and/or LTV (including percentage additions)
80% cap on ARV (including percentage additions)
Foreign National (no SSN, no ITIN) = -10% on LTV, ARV, and LTC
Refinances for "Mid-Swing" (incomplete) projects require -5% on LTV, ARV, LTC and are subject to management discretion
Any exceptions subject to management discretion

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